Wednesday, October 05, 2005

She still doesn't get it.

Mary Mapes, the producer for the Bush National Guard "Fake but Accurate" story is coming out with a book that blames conservative bloggers. She claims that within minutes of the story airing, that the bloggers were on the attack. For such a smart person, how can she be so dumb? The story was hyped for weeks before it was aired. Then too, there is a difference in time zones as to when the show was aired. Her "minutes after" was actually two hours after it was shown on the East coast.
Not once does she address the fundamental problems with the story, the formatting, typeset, source or anything else.
It is wierd to watch people wallow in self pity on a national stage.


Rocky Smith said...

No doubt she still thinks Bush stole both elections yet too.

The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

He didn't?

Steve said...

Maybe Gore and Kerry are mad after having tried to steal the election themselves, (Think Milwaukee, St. Louis, etc) they were still beat. Their mindset is probably "I tried to steal it, and got beat, that must mean that they stole it better."
Poor grammar, I know, but accurate.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope her book bombs. What a crock!
That right wing conspiracy just never gives people like her a break!