Thursday, October 27, 2005

They do Exist!

There are, thank God, some Republicans who are interested in trying to get a grip on spending. It's hard to imagine that Ronald Reagan's party has surrendered to the idea that they can buy the public's affection the way that they have.
Denny Rehberg has said that as a member of the Republican Study Commission that he is working on ways to cut spending. This just before he was trumpeting some $6 Million that he brought to Montana. I will see at the end of the week whether he is serious or just trying to blow me off.
Dave, get ready, we will be needing you if he does.

As shown here there are more than a few people who have had it with pork.
A good reason to be against pork is also located here. to decide that a federal building needs a $60 million garden, more than people need AIDs medecine is insulting.
Time for a Revolution.

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