Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is scary!

What can you say, when your professional capabilities are not in question, but your commitment to "social diversity" and "tolerance" will prevent you from getting an education or necessary certification?
It is always interesting when one group decides to apply the reprehensible tactics of their opponents and justify their use, "because we are good, but they are bad." McCarthy and facisim are bad, but the use of PDEs are good.
I guess that I would be considered intolerant of Nazis, racists and murdering thugs. But because I indiscriminatly lump all people who are racists and murdering thugs together, instead of just the politically correct ones, I am intolerant according to this view.
I can live with that. The question is, can they live with their conscience?


Manateechik said...

This sounds interesting, but I'm not completely sure I know what you're talking about. I would love it if you would elaborate more!

Steve said...

Sorry, but I put the link into the title. Just click on the title line and it will take you there.