Friday, October 21, 2005

Tom Delay Arraignment

Bill Clinton was always blessed with enemies who were so obsessed with trying to bring him down that they invariably acted stupidly. Seems as though Tom Delay's enemies are no diferent. His booking photo is a prime example. With his goofy grin, who do you think would rather use it in a campaign brochure, Democrats or Republicans?
Then to top it off, after the DA shops around, and then brow beats a grand jury into submission, he gets an indictment for something that wasn't a crime when it occurred. In embarassment, he has to refile a new charge, in which the allegation is based on a document that he doesn't have. Then, the final act in this farce, he selects a judge who gave money to
At a news conference afterwards, Ronny Earle says that if a judge gives money to Crimestoppers, he would not be expected to recuse himself from a burglary case. True, but a burglar is in an illegal activity. So far, at least, being a Republican is not yet illegal. A better example, would be a judge who is going to try a member of the Black Panther party, and the judge had recently donated to the KKK. You can see where the defendant may not think that the judge will be impartial.
I am amazed at how stupid Ronny Earle is in this matter. He has all of the wit and intelligence of a bulldog, undeterred by a smarter enemy, he forges ahead, undaunted by the facts or the evidence, never mind the perception. Tom Delay is going to win this, and in the long term, make every Democratic accusation of criminal behavior look like naked partisanship whether valid or not.
If I was Ronny Earle, I would have just gone after the two minions of Delay, and left him alone until I could get a coerced agreement to have one of the defendants testify against him. Even that is problematic, since a turncoat is rarely trusted by anyone.
Having opened the door to criminalizing political conduct, I wonder if Ms. Pirro will now indict Sen. Schumer for violations of the federal credit act. Maybe not, maybe the Republicans will act like adults, even while the Democrats don't.


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Anonymous said...

Jeanine Pirro can go prosecute herself. She is nothing but a mobbed up crooked prosecutor, who takes money from the MAFIA as does her convicted felon husband.

But then, maybe you don't understand New York politics, because you live in a stupid hick red-state and your idea of "literature" are the rantings of that cunt Ayn Rand. Why don't you exercise your second amendment right, and go shoot yourself right now you fucking Randroid.

XB234C said...

Ooh! I guess he told you. :) The Chuck Schumer incident sticks in my craw. If a white republican had illegally obtained the credit history of a black democrat, Jesse et. al. would see to it that there were race riots before it was all over. Now, go shoot yerself will ya? Ya red-state hayseed. :)

Randroid KILLER said...

You are damned right I told him. I told him that he can go take his second amendment BULLSHIT, and go exercise it on himself. Because RANDROID SCUM like him are WASTING AIR, by BREATHING.

And you still have no answer to how it just so happens that Jeanine Pirro took $10,000 from the MAFIA. Including mob-infiltrated (gasp!) unions. I guess you're not against unions so much when you have a Gambino in there to break their legs. Typical hypocritical RANDROID SCUM.

p.s. Do you have Page 10?

Steve said...

I seem to be a victim of a random click by comment nut. I can't realy respond, because he makes no sense, but it is amusing nonetheless. I am so glad that he has better access to "literature" than I do. I am sure if he reads any of it, it might prove interesting to him.