Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Additions to the Blogroll

I'll admit that I am basically lazy. I have always went to the sites on the right to hook into the links that I might want to review. I need to update and actually include those links that I do regularly read, so I have added the Last Best Place, Missoulaopolis and the Conservative Cowgirls.

Thanks to you all for having such fine and interesting blogs.


Mike said...

Appreciate the link, though the dreck I throw out there pales in comparison with the quality of Missoulaopolis and Conservative Cowgirls.

Steve said...

Mike, you are far too humble. I especially liked the piece about the collectives in the Ukraine.
It reminded me of my own experiences with the "Worker's Paradise" of the former GDR.
Keep up the good work, and Shalom!