Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who not to vote for

Okay, I wouldn't tell you who to vote for, but I have to warn you against anyone that ActBlue is for. At the above link, you can see where the money is going. The fact that most of the Presidential money for ActBlue is going to John Edwards is good enough for me to say that those people should not be accepted by anyone who thinks.

I am opposed to John Edwards mostly because he is a trial lawyer. I am a lawyer too, but I fight for people's freedom. Edwards and his ilk fight for money, and regret having to pass it on to their clients.

Edwards is good looking, smooth, and has the natural ability to charm people. He is also a pandering idiot. This is just my opinion, but if you look closely at him and his hypocrisy, I think that you will join me in this opinion.


MTSentinel said...

I have a feeling Edwards is going to win the primary. His straw polls at places like Kos (the people who vote in primaries) are very strong, and while Hillary and Obama duke it out, he's the one that will be left unbloodied. But we'll see.

Steve said...

I could agree with you to a certain extent, but, I think that the money is going to dry up, rather than come flowing in after IA and NH.
Could be wrong, though, but I think that his shallowness is going to be exposed the more he gets into the limelight.

Steve said...

I think that I need to explain something here that I elided over. Edwards is following the Kerry strategy of winning Iowa and then using momentum to carry New Hampshire and achieve a certain aura of inevitablilty to force all of the sideline money to jump to him.
The difference this time is that the schedule has been so compressed, that there won't be time to bask in glory because Florida and South Carolina are right around the corner. Not to mention every other state that wants to get into the action.
If teh money people wait a week, they will find that Hillary is going to sweep the next two events and have more delegates than Edwards.
And so, once again, ActBlue ends up backing the wrong guy (Lamont) and loses any leverage because they will have no leverage.
Could be interesting.

Unknown said...

I came to this blog via a PD link. Is a PD really saying that a plaintiffs trial lawyer is a bad thing? You've apparently been mind fucked by the same Republican spin machine you deride elsewhere. Embarrassing.