Friday, August 24, 2007

Good read

The essence of good literature, is to point out and make obvious, that which you already know, but that you forgot that you know it. Peggy's essay at the above link is a reminder of what we all too often forget: The Americans are basically good fair and decent.
I know that some are too quick to point out Abu Ghraib, and Guantanomo. Both of these seem to be more the aberration than the rule, yet we are so quick to tar with a broad brush all members of the military with the perfidy of the few. But what they forget is that their mere presence is changing the Middle East every day. In the past, regimes in the area have always used propaganda to portray us as blood thirsty killers intent on ravaging their women. But instead, when troops show that they are kind to all who don't shoot at them, the narrative comes into question.
Too bad the narrative in this country wouldn't also be given a second look.

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