Monday, August 20, 2007

Discussing Delusions

I have noticed a recent trend by my friends on the Left that is repeating itself throughout the political spectrum: The use or variation of the term "delusional" for anyone who disagrees with you.

Wulfgar seems to like this a lot. This is interesting because of the almost schizophrenic rants are so different from what he posts on his page versus what he posts in comments under other blogs. He seems to take his time and thinks in an orderly and sequential fashion when he posts on Dave's site but his own postings seems more like a stream of consciousness.

Mark Ochenski of the Missoula Independent does the same thing as most Global Warming conspiracists in saying that if you disagree with him, you are either evil, or worse delusional. Never mind that the facts are not nearly as settled as he thinks they are. When they can forecast weather accurately two weeks out I may be more willing to consider their ideas. Right now, I see this as a group with an agenda hijacking some questionable science.

Then there is the national level, with such a prime example as Doonesbury that if you don't agree with his assumptions that you are living in a bubble, immune from reality.

The thing that these examples have in common, is that they try to curtail discussion not through the use of superior argument, but instead through ad hominem attacks that question their opponent's sanity. It has the advantage that if you take them on, you are forced into trying to prove a negative (that you're not nuts) before you can address their arguments.

Interestingly, it seems to me that the old Soviet Union used to use its psychiatric hospitals for dissidents as well. Maybe it's time for me to be committed to Warm Springs, because I don't see their argument as being as effective as they do.

Only problem, if you want to go to Warm Springs, you can't be nuts, so they won't take you. It's only if you don't want to go that they will make you.

Maybe Wulfgar can change that and just walk around the blogosphere shouting J'accuse, and we will all be carted off by the nice men in the white coats.

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