Friday, August 06, 2010

Don't Call Obamacare Healthcare

The good citizens of Missouri have spoken loudly and clearly that they do not wish to be victims of participants in Obamacare.  The Democrats figure the problem is that people just don't understand what a wonderful thing they have been given.  That through further education, everyone will come to know and love it as much as they do.
But they have this teensy weensy problem:  The Democrats can't be trusted, and they know it.  Whether it's "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it"  or Congressman Dingell poo-poohing the notion of actually, you know, reading the bill, Democrats have proven that they have no real idea what it is that they passed, except it's got the happy name related to healthcare.  In the meantime, people are realizing that everything that they have been told about Obamacare is false.  And why is the sale of gold coins having to be reported to the government now in Obamacare?
The whole damned thing was a charade to reward Democrat constituencies and is an affront to the term healthcare.  The Democrats had better figure out right now, that they do not want more people to find out how bad it really is.

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Doug said...

Perhaps they "don't understand" what's in it because there isn't anything in it to begin with. (H/T Ace).