Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Liberally Racist

Joe Conason continues to make an ass of himself by finding Boogiemen where there are none.  His premise is that not all conservatives are racists but all racists are conservative.  This  is a wonderful argument because it is absolutely impossible to disprove.  If you lined up all of your conservative friends and could totally and completely prove that they are not racists, Conason and his kind would just declare that all of the other conservatives were racists instead.  This is the same argument as the question "Have you stopped beating your wife?"  Its premises are flat out false, but that doesn't matter to Joe.  The truth is a minor inconvenience to the greater glory of silencing dissent through false accusations of racism.

But wait, Joe has proof!  Such as the right wing smear of Shirley Sherrod.  Too bad he didn't stick around to get the whole picture.  As Breitbart had said, it wasn't about Sherrod, it was a room full of people who make up the NAACP applauding her set up of being racists before she realized the error.  But the truth doesn't matter to Joe.

Next, he relies on Kieth Olbermann for proof that Glen Beck altered the transcript of his show.  Now, I have no idea whether Beck did so or not, but relying on Olbermann?  That right there is prima facie evidence that the claim is false.
But I am not necessarily going to disagree with Conason that there is racism in America, just not where he finds it.  For instance, Victor Volsky has a piece discussing the idea that Obama isn't really as smart as everyone says he is.   By itself, it isn't that much, except for the absolute gushing of praise by the so called "elites" over how smart Obama is.  But there really is no evidence of that fact.  In reality, the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review is also the first not to publish.  His transcripts are probably locked up the same as John Kerry's for the same reason, they show he isn't as smart as the claims that are made on his behalf.
Let me offer a reason for all of this gushing in support of how wonderful Obama is:  The elites don't have any African Americans among them.  They look around at their lily white world and the only dark faces they see are their servants.  True, the Left wants to be properly respectful to the Hispanic maid and the African American cleaning lady, but they didn't go to the right schools, you know, like Princeton or Harvard.  While there were people of color introduced to them outside of the domestic service platoons they employ, they were a rarity and confusing to the Left.  Condoleeza Rice who speaks something like seven languages and is a classically trained pianist Phd, Chancellor at Stanford, is a very accomplished woman or person for that matter.  But, you just know Conason would probably say in an aside, "She's not one of us you know."   And don't get me started on Clarence Thomas.  He may have been poor when he was being raised, but his and Rice's politics are completely antithetical to the Left's point of view and therefore invalid.
It's amusing how such tolerant and open minded people can be so narrow and bigoted at the same time.  But at least now they have someone of color that they can actually have a conversation that extends beyond ordering which rooms to be cleaned or what meals to be served.  At least, they can have that conversation until his teleprompter falls over.
Those of us here in the real world on the other hand, the ones who serve in the military or run businesses and need customers and employees, realize that the color of the person's skin doesn't matter as much as the content of their character.  Gee, what an interesting thought, I am just surprised no one ever thought of it before.

UPDATE:  More evidence in support.

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