Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Get Montana Out of the Recession and Rich at the Same Time

California is thinking about taxing Internet transactions by requiring vendors to collect and remit sales taxes for all transactions that involve their citizens.  A natural enough thing, since they spend most of their time trying to find new revenue streams, having exhausted all of the rest.  But I have a plan!
Montana needs to pass the following law:

1.  All commercial transactions conducted by anyone within the State of Montana are considered private and privileged.  Montanans have a heightened expectation of privacy, and information related to commercial transactions enjoys the same privacy rights as any other such right.
 2. It will be a crime to release details of any such transaction to any other person without a specific court order for each transaction.  Application for such information shall be made in person before a court which will examine if there are sufficient grounds to breach the right to privacy.

Then we invite Amazon and Overstocked.com to move their call centers here and take orders for California from here to be shipped there.  What Delaware is to the world of incorporation, Montana could be to internet sales.

1 comment:

jeffk said...

Sign me up. We should be raiding the coast for good businesses now.

But watch out for the feds, their new year end reporting requirements on businesses' purchases, not just payments for services, are leading to the VAT tax.