Saturday, August 28, 2010

Speaking Truth to Power

That phrase above has been used for as long as I can remember as a sort of badge of courage by the Left, in that they don't agree with the popular ideas, but instead want the true ones.  Skip forward to today, and the Left is now "The Man." 
Do they speak "Truth to Power?"  Absolutely not!  Instead, they shout down any who would disagree with them.  But the problem for the Left in shouting down "seditious ideas" is that they are not able to find the one figure to focus their minds on, or at.
For awhile, the leader of the opposition was supposed to be Rush Limbaugh.  Then, it was switched to Fox News, especially when the Tea Party took root.  Later, Sarah Palin was to be considered the leader, but she was inadequate for a bogey(wo)man, because she was operating out of Alaska with nothing more than a Twitter account.  Not to say that the Left was giving up on finding the object of their vilification.  When the lie spread that a black lawmaker had been spit on and called the "N" word, the Left harrumphed that the leaders of the Tea Party had to speak out against such vicious attacks.  But like the vapidity of their false claims, there is no one leader of the movement that is "an Army of Generals."  So, who is the Left left to attack?

America and Americans.

Yes, I am calling the members of the professional loony Left anti-American.  But it seems only fair.  And true.  After all, the Left which was so vigilant in finding any examples of McCarthyism, seems only to have learned how to apply that same tactic against their opponents.  And left to no other options, have decided that Glenn Beck is now the voice of their darkest fears (or is it dreams?).
In case you missed it, Glenn Beck is having a Restore Honor gathering at the Lincoln Memorial on the same date as that of Martin Luther King's I have a Dream Speech.  This act is sacriligious to many on the Left.  and left to their usual tactics, they attack the messenger rather than the message.   But not just attack, but to slander and defame. And finally, to bring out their version of the nuclear option, to declare him a "racist." 
The Ground Zero Mosque has allowed a further opportunity for the hypocrisy of the Left to be put on display.  Those who would swoon with vapors should a high school football team have a prayer, are now the most adamant defenders of the right to place a mosque near Ground Zero.  The tactic this time though, is to take what Obama does so well, and that is to set up an army of strawmen, and mow them down.  They say that opposition to the mosque is "anti-Islamic"  even though it's not Islam that is being objected to, but the sensitivity to the location.   The idea that the mosque is being built as a "bridge to understanding" is belied by the problems that surround the location and the refusal to move it.
Somehow, being lectured on religious rights by Mayor Bloomberg or Nancy Pelosi is not seen as the ludicrous assertion that it really is. But when Pelosi called for an investigation into who was funding opposition that was the chilling last straw for me.  Does she really believe that we cannot have an opinion without it being bought and paid for?  Screw her, and the constituents that keep electing her.
The underlying theme throughout this, is that the conservative will fight to the death for the right of the Left to say stupid nonsense.  The Left will fight to the death to stifle speech that they disagree with.
Now you know who really is holding the badge of courage.

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