Sunday, January 16, 2011

Asymmetrical Warfare

Asymmetrical warfare is a term of art that the military uses to define two uneven opponents.  For instance, if Al Qaida was to line up toe to toe to the US military, the results would be quite clear quite quickly.  But AQ understands they don't stand a chance in a face to face combat, so they look to exploit other areas, that are usually our own weaknesses.  For instance, AQ is quite willing to use civilians as shields in order to deter our attacks or if they don't deter them, to exploit the propaganda value that many in the West are willing to assist with against us.  The result is nearly nine and a half years of success, but no knockout blow.  Of course the war will go on, we have no choice.  For the same reason that there is no centralized control to destroy, there isn't one to negotiate with either.
Which brings me to Sarah Palin.  Not that Sarah is the same as AQ, but that the tactics she employs are those of asymmetrical warfare.  Think about it, here is a former governor living in Alaska, whose main method of communications are the Tweet and MySpace.  And she is the central point of attack for the Left.
The rage she inspires is simply amazing, and quite fun to watch.  the most recent example having been after the Tragedy in Tucson where Markos Moulitas said "Mission Accomplished Sarah."  There wasn't a thread of evidence to connect Palin to the lunatic but it fit the narrative that the Left wants to have of her.  Of course it was so far over the top that they quickly were brought back to reality by the rest of the country who view the Left with disgust for libeling innocent Americans.
But then Sarah makes a YouTube movie and posts it on her MySpace, right before the President speaks, and she gets darned near equal billing as the President of the United States.  Think about it, the President, with all of the resources he has at hand, the White House, the Democratic Party (same thing), mainstream media (same thing), pundits (same thing), Google, (same thing), and he is competing with her.  It's absolutely marvelous.
I may not want Sarah Palin to end up being President, even if she would be a vast improvement over the incumbent, but I do so enjoy watching them take her on.  It's too bad that it is so mismatched.
In her favor.

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