Sunday, January 23, 2011

News From the Birther Front

I find the whole "Birther" fuss to be an annoying attempt to distract from the issues. Yes, I have argued that it is no different than those who said the Bush 43 was "Selected, not elected." That it is nothing more than an attempt to deligitimise the President, to prevent him from exercising his authority. But now Hillbuzz has an idea that something else is at play. Short analysis is that when the new Democrat Governor came to office promising to "walk down the hall to the vital records and put an end to this once and for all" it may have set up a problem if the President's birth certificate doesn't say Barak Obama, but Barry Sotero instead.
Interesting theory, but just goes to prove, sometimes, your friends really don't help.


Steve T. said...

Actually, Steve, the reason you don't bring up the birther stuff is because you believe in it and know how crazy it makes you look.

But those times that you do bring it up, you make it abundantly clear that you agree with the crazies. But that's mostly because you're stupid.

Your link is full of made-up quotes and dead-end links. All of the hallmarks of a right-wing circle jerk. But you're really good at those.

Keep on strokin'.

Steve said...

And to think that you have responsibility for young minds, when yours is so full of mush. Do you have to carry malpractice insurance?

You should.