Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Somebody to Respect

While I am not drunkblogging the State of the Union Speech, I have been consuming adult beverages and enjoying myself in spite of the horrible speech. But the Flint Report sent me a link to someone who actually does value the Constitution of both Montana and the United States. Meet Krayton Kerns, DVM and true American Dr. Kerns is resisting the stampede toward the erosion of our Constitutional protections, and he is doing so purely on principle, because there is no organized lobby to push the legislation through like the Mad Mothers Against Drunks. Oops, I mean Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
The public has been shoved into a direction that would be nearly impossible to resist for a lesser mortal. But Dr. Kerns, who will be assailed as helping drunk drivers get away with the crime realized that pretending to solve the problem is not the same as actually solving it.

Good on you sir.


Carol said...

It's sheer hysteria. Why not enforce the laws we already have?

Steve, tell me: is there not enough room in the jails to keep the multiple DUI offenders?

Steve said...

Not really. In the hierarchy of who goes to jail, first dibs go to the PFMA or Domestic Violence accused. They cannot be bailed out until they see a judge which may not be until Monday or later if a holiday. Next are the DUI arrestees who cannot be bailed because no bondsman will write them while they are intoxicated since the bondsman will assume the liability.
After that, you have your long term violent offenders and druggies awaiting trial.
But it's not the amount of jail time that stops DUIs. No one thinks that they would get a DUI but that the penalty is too high. The reason that there is no mental state element in DUIs is because you don't think clearly when you are drunk. Why lawmakers think that you would retain the ability to comprehend why you shouldn't drive is beyond me.