Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baucus' Blunder

Our foreign trade policies have been held hostage to politics for far too long, and now we are about to pay for that. You might remember the Columbian Free Trade Agreement that then President Bush wanted Congress to pass, but because it supposedly contained lax enforcement of union privileges, it was held up in the Democratic Congress. Now, our senior senator has suddenly noticed that our Montana beef producers are about to be hit with an excise tax of between 8-120% in tariffs making us non-competitive with Canada that just signed a trade agreement with Columbia.
While I realize it is too far off for Max to be re-elected, I am hoping that people and the Internet will not let him forget what he has done with all of his seniority for Montana. And that is absolutely zilch.
He needs to be retired to his home in McLean, Virginia, where he belongs.


MikeH said...

Ag was a $3 billion industry in Montana this past year. Wonder how this is going to impact that number? Hopefully, the Montana Stockgrowers Association won't forget our senior senator's actions.
And do we have to have him retire somewhere within the U.S.? Virgina is a long ways from Montana, but outside the country, far outside, would be best. But then again, he couldn't belly up to the lobbyist's money trough if he wasn't in close proximity to D.C.

Steve said...

The biggest problem with Max is his chameleonlike qualities. If Republicans are still ascendant in 2014 you know that Mas will be everywhere getting his picture taken with the Republican President and Governor.
Why the Democrats put up with him - Maybe they are just easily fooled.