Wednesday, January 12, 2011

They've Gone Off the Deep End

The Left, both nationally, and now apparently locally, are mystified by the reaction of those among us who resent being accused of complicity in the Madman's Murders in Tucson.  Perhaps a brief recap of the situation may make this clearer, Dear Reader:  After the election of President Obama, the American people held him in high esteem, proud of the fact that we had elected the first black President ever.  This seemed  to be a repudiation of our racism, and recognition of the American Dream that anyone could grow up to be President, because he did! But then, he started to ram through policies that were not acceptable to the public in general.  As the President's poll numbers began plummeting, the Left, searching for a reason, decided that anyone who didn't support the President's polices must be a racist.
Of course, that didn't sit well with those who had an honest disagreement in policy with the President and his party.  So the opponents began to push back and rejected the false accusation.  This of course, promptly flummoxed the Left.  "How dare those we accuse of racism not sit quietly and take it like they always have!"  We went through a long period of accusation followed by anger and disgust at the accusers and for the most part, that false charge has been relegated to the trash heap for now.
The President's poll numbers continued to plummet even with the passage of ObamaCare, and still the Left was flummoxed.  "How can the peasants reject our munificence?"  After the November election, when the public totally rejected the Democrat platform, the next thing to happen was Mark Halperin in Time magazine hoping that some terrible tragedy would occur like the Oklahoma City Bombing that Obama could use just like Clinton did for political purposes.  And lo and behold, we have a madman in Tucson who has obliged him.
Within less time than it took to even find out how many shooters there are, we have Paul Krugman blaming it on the Tea Party.  No really, the first reports were that there may have been more than one shooter, and Krugman has his villain, damn the facts, the narrative is just too good to pass up.  This was followed by the Daily Kos offering up "Mission Accomplished Sarah!"  A twofer, both the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, they simply couldn't resist.
Curiously for them, like the false allegations of racism, those on the Right did not roll over and begin apologizing as expected.  In fact, they hit back.  The Left through their mainstream allies and aided by a political hack of a Sheriff in Tucson redoubled their efforts, claiming that even if it wasn't directly Sarah's fault, there is a "climate" (my how they love that word) of hate out there.  Violent rhetoric!  Hate speech!  All of the tools were thrown into the fray to shut up their opponents, and still they did not quit their scorn instead of cowering as they should have.  And still the peasants refused to take their rightful places at the foot of and staring adoringly into the eyes of our Leftist betters. 
Now we have the newest tactic, which is to claim that recognizing the excesses of the Left in the past is old hat and irrelevant to the argument, since only the Right seems to have the megaphone.  Pardon me while I regain my chair after having to look around on the floor for where my ass fell off from laughing so hard.  No, the problem is not hate speech, it's not Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News, the Koch family nor any of the other imagined bogeymen that is causing their failure.  Their programs fail all on their own, and the transference of blame to the above list is the mark of desperation.  The Left cannot understand why they are being rejected and they are lashing out at the rest of us.
It is sad in a way, it really is.  They want so much to tell us what to do and to have us thank them for all that they have done for us, and yet, we don't.  Instead, we look at them with clear eyes, seeing them for the shallow pathetic excuses for human beings that they are.  We see that they have exhausted their armory and are now defenseless.  (Notice the violent rhetoric?)

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