Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Can Quit Anytime I Want To

So says every addict, usually while slurring their speech. But we have a new form of addiction that someone is going to try and quit: Palinoia! Yes, an obscure know-nothing, formerly of Journolist (the group of Lefty "journalists" who were trying to manipulate press coverage for Obama and against the Republicans) Dana Milbank has decided that he was not going to mention Sarah Palin for the entire month of February. Notice how he decided to use the shortest month of the year.
Whatever you may think of Palin, she is a lot of fun to watch as she turns the Left inside out on themselves.
But I, and I am hoping that other bloggers will pick up the slack of a Milbank boycott by publishing a blog posting every day of February about Sarah Palin. The fun thing with Blogger, is that I can preload the posts and have them appear one at a time, every day for the month. No day will be Sarah Free!

Come join me in the resistance to the credentialed idiots who believe that their opinions matter. Post away about Sarah, every day, for all of February.


vladdy said...

I love it. Do we post the comments here?

You are so right about the addiction angle. Who says "I'm going to quit whatever" (not just cut-down, mind you) but an addict who knows his problem is out of control? This is his attempt to show he's IN control, which only proves the addiction in the first place.

Oh, Dana!

By the way, first headline I saw today was Julian Assange's lawyer threatening to sue Palin fo Inciting violence against Assange if she ever goes to Australia!

I'd call that a stretch, when even someone with all the publicity Assange gets has to co-oopt her into his personal drams. That's what's known as being "in demand"!

Last comment -- It's almost like coming out against Palin publically is a coming-of-age cerenoney for them -- you can't truly call yourself a leftist if you haven't spoken out against Palin.

Feel free to use anything you like.

vladdy said...

Make that "drama."

Can't you just see Assange, alone in his hotel room, repeating, "No, I won't...I won't"....and then his hand reaches out shakily to touch his cell phone. If it's ever made into a movie, Robert Downey, Jr. can play the part.

Steve said...

For the Left: Palin, Not even once!

Rick Caird said...

I would like a "Dana free" year or two.

Steve said...

With you on that!