Friday, September 14, 2007

1st Monthly MisCon Blogger Meetup

Okay, so I'm the last to post, but I really did have a good time with the other MisCon Bloggers, Dave, Carol and Some Other Dude Scoop.

Like they have already said, it was a truly magical moment, more for the humor at the expense of the Left (Yes, Wulfgar, we laughed at you too), but also for meeting the personalities behind the writings.

I would encourage others who are like minded and have a sense of humor to contact the Blogfather Dave for the next meeting.

As an aside, after we were done, I was talking with Dave, and renewed my request for him to run for national office (Senate). Dave seems hesitant at the moment, but I think that we could count on him if enough of us push for it.

Dave (Not Just Another Pretty Face) for Senator '08!

(And no, he doesn't need the exclamation mark to define him)


Unknown said...

Laugh it up, fuzzball! (end SW geek reference)

I'm certain you did, Steve. But then I'm not the one getting my ass rhetorically kicked all over the place, am I? Or are you just waiting for Big Daddy Budge to do it for you? Regardless, I'm glad you folks had a good time. And yes, I'm all for Budge 2008! (You've never actually noticed that the comment up there at top is a link, have you? Nah, didn't think so.)

Steve said...

Hmm, getting my ass kicked?

Curious, who is doing that exactly?

Unknown said...

Keep pretending, kitten.

Scoop Montana said...

Wulfgar - this is exactly what we laughed about; your inability to follow up a point with any proof.

Put down you plactic light saber and get a life. Your liberal mind tricks don't work on the Scoop.

Unknown said...

Scoop, I back up everything I write on my website with argument and links. Your blindness to it is not my problem, but apparently it is Steve's.

Steve said...

Wulfie, your confidence in your intellect is not universally shared (with good reason). Why don't you just go back to playing Doom?