Thursday, September 13, 2007

But Don't Question Their Patriotism!

Above, a writer has compared and contrasted the statements of some of the leading Democrats with the taped statement released by bin Laden. At the end, he points out that the none of the leading contenders for the Democratic nomination have addressed nor refuted these statements.
Now, when two parties agree on an issue, there are several possibilities: 1. Both are right; 2. Both are wrong; and 3. One is right and the other wrong. But how can that be you ask? How can both be in agreement, but one be right, and one wrong? Maybe there is a fourth category. Both are pursuing agendas that require cooperation with what would otherwise be an opponent.
It's not that I think that Democrats want to cooperate with bin Laden. Rather, I think that the Democrats seek to maximize their political holdings by going after Bush. And OBL recognizes that having this division is beneficial to him as well.

Too bad the Democrats seem more interested in protecting their Party's interests and not that of the nation.

But hey, I'm not questioning their patriotism.

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Anonymous said...

OBL and congressional dems do have differnt goals, but they both need the samething to happen for their goals to be reached, Defeat in Iraq. I think its just plain wrong for Dems to seek defeat only to gain personal power here at home.