Friday, September 14, 2007

Emos and Hand Wringers

Will to Exist is linked at the right. I first found him when he was blogging from Iraq. Now he is safe and sound back in North Georgia, but he kept his keen sense of the ridiculous when he returned. One of his more recent posts deals with Emos.

What's an Emo you ask? Well, as he put it so well:
Emo is short for emotional, and emos are a fairly new type of subculture in the society of American youth.

These are the kids who replaced goths in the pyramid of hopeless self-pity and absolute despondence and helpnessness that we are creating for our future generations of leaders. Emos are completely unable to deal with reality, because they live in a fantasy world that is emotionally unhealthy and, not surprisingly, devoid of real logic. The world of an emo is a dark one filled with tears and no real direction unless you count the downward spiral into death as a direction.

This kind of ties in with Dave's Neo-Socialist Hand Wringing Pussies. It explains a lot about where the youth who populate the Left take their cues from.

Very enlightening, if terribly sad.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my first boyfriend. He did everything he could to stay out of the draft. I said, join the Navy like my brothers did, that's not too way, he was afraid of guys hassling him. Finally he beat it by getting braces.

That was after I left town.

Steve said...

I'm thinking that it extends beyond just the young. Wulfgar seems to exhibit all the traits of being an emo, even if he is older.