Monday, September 03, 2007

Edwards hates your privacy

At the above link, John Edwards has decided that we need a further leap in the erosion of what it means to be an adult. He wants mandatory preventative checkups for everyone.
In a way, it makes sense. If you are going to provide universal health care, you need to control costs. So, when you go to the doctor, you will be told to eat less, drink less, give up smoking, quit skydiving, motorcycle riding, etc. Otherwise, your choices will probably bankrupt the system.
So, what happens if you don't comply? Does the doctor violate doctor patient privacy in order to rein in costs? Will you be cut off from health care services until you comply?
What happens if the doctor fails to report your unhealthy activities? Will he be cut off from providing for you or anyone else?
No, let's all just go out and get identical uniforms, and line up like the cogs in the machine that we are supposed to be. No deviation from right thinking will be allowed.
So, this is what has become of the Revolution.

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GeeGuy said...

There is no free lunch. When you get something, you give something up. In this case, freedom.