Friday, September 14, 2007

And So It Begins

Intelligent Dissent (curious name, but I will leave it to the reader of the site to determine the validity) is attacking Max and by extension, the AFL-CIO's support for him.

I have long thought that the greatest threat to Max's re-election was the election of Tester. It seems like it is only going to get worse for Max, because MoveOn (We bought it, it's ours)is playing such a big role in the Democratic party right now. Traditionally, Max has always quietly become a Republican right in time for re-election. But the current climate took away a lot of his wiggle room.

If you are a MoveOn supporter (or employee) you want to keep Max on the straight and narrow. But is that what Montanans really want?

Just another vote for Chuck Schumer?

Maybe it's time to give Max a break and let him go home after all those years of sacrifice in our nation's capital.

Err, which home, McLean, VA or Montana, I'm not sure. But then, neither is he.


Unknown said...

That would be "Intelligent Discontent", a name that makes a great deal of sense. You can read, right?

Steve said...

I think that mine is better. Maybe he should change it.

Unknown said...

Creating your reality as you go. Nice.