Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's HillaryFest

Hillary is running from news show to news show today, which is probably indicative of her feeling that she has the nomination sewn up.

On all of the shows, she is questioned about her vote against the MoveOn Petraeus Betray Us ad, and she delivers the same stock answer: I voted for the motion to condemn that ad, and the ones that attacked Sen. Cleveland in Georgia and Sen. Kerry with the Swiftboat ads.

There is just one difference - What political office is Gen. Petraeus running for? To equate a political campaign victim where they made their military service a prime issue versus a serving military officer who was directed by the Congress to report to them is itself shameful.

But, in her own inimitable way, she carefully fails to answer any question, and instead makes it seem as if Kerry and Cleveland are the equivalent of an officer who is supposed to be apolitical.

You gotta giver her points for chutzpa.

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