Thursday, September 06, 2007

Republican Debate

For the most part, the Presidential debates are nothing more than joint press conferences. A candidate is asked a question, and then gives an answer on what he/she really wanted to talk about, which usually has nothing to do with the question.

But because there was nothing on the History or Discovery channels worth watching, I did end up observing last night's display with a certain amount of amusement. But what I really enjoyed was Ron Paul, with his classical Libertarianism. I wish someone would ask him if his version of being libertarian is still applicable since 9-11.

But what really tickled me, was when he was talking about ending the use of torture. This echoed John Edward's speech, but Paul did it in front of John McCain. I keep waiting for McCain to ask Paul, or any of the Democratic candidates "What do you understand torture to be?"

Seems to me that he knows very well. And it is not this.


Anonymous said...

Watching these debates is mental torture to me.

Anonymous said...

Paul is not a libertarian, he is a typical conservative of the 60s, rather than a fascist or a tory of the sort that call themselves conservatives today.

You're right, however, that Paul's stance against torture and "pre-emptive war" [aka naked aggression] are typical libertarian positions. Of course, such also use to be typical positions of all civilized human beings.

As for your whining about 9/11 six years later. Yept, it was a bad thing. There have been a lot worse incidents and threats in U.S. history, however, and most of the citizens at that time didn't run to tyrants and beg to be stripped of their rights. Too bad about you and yours, but we have always had cowards and traitors among us.

Steve said...

I never heard of 9/11 being described as just a "bad thing."
Forgive me if I think that an attack on our country that targeted civilians on the airplanes and in the WTC was a Very Bad Thing.
And I am still confused, at least as far as being stripped of our rights. I know that the accusation is bandied about, but I don't see it happening to anyone around me.