Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Little Game

I had earlier posted my feelings about how the Left views soldiers. In the comments, Mark T. and Krim used examples of news stories that reinforced my point of the soldier as victim being their main meme. Whether the Nation's article on 50 soldiers, or the idea that soldiers are either dupes of Bushitler, Cheney Haliburton, uniformed torturers, sadistic guards at Abu Ghraib or modern day Nazis, who are "Chust Following Orders."
So here is the game: Find a story that details the bravery of soldiers in Iraq, or one that shows their humanity and benevolence in the generally accepted Main Stream Media. But, you can't use Mudville Gazette or any of the other Milbloggers.
The absence of such stories in the general media implies one of two things. Either they never happen, or they are being ignored. Why would anyone want to ignore stories of heroism and bravery? Because if the soldiers are victims, they can't be brave can they?
And if you are going to keep the soldiers as victims, in order to feel good about your own lack of service, you don't want any contradicting information.


The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...
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The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

I've rarely seen anything that doesn't depict our soldiers as indiscriminant gleeful torturers or hapless victims of the BushHitler CheneyBurton war for oil machine, staked out in front of Iraqi preschools waiting for the recess bell to ring....because "of the pressure"

LeftLeaningLady said...

I have seen plenty of stories about brave soldiers, saving children, saving puppies, risking their lives for others. That is what they are there for and every day those who do not run screaming into the desert are heroes. Just like each and every person on this planet, each soldier is different and their reasons for becoming soldiers, sailors, or airman are different.

I read your post on how the Left views soldiers, I am on the Left. I did 4 years active duty AF and 1.5 years active duty Air National Guard. Just so you know that not all of the Left fits your steroetypes, just as not all soldiers fit the stereotypes that you seem to believe the Left believe.

Interesting, well-written blog though. I may believe differently than you do, but I can respect your ability and your beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Scared kids put in untenable circumstances, just like Vietnam. They are not committing 'atrocities' so much as pulling the trigger too quick, panicking, and acting with disdain towards civilians. Blackwater too.

And I'd be remiss if I did not add that sadism is a part of human nature - we all have a touch of it, but most of us are restrained to suppress it due to societal pressures. Not so soldiers in a foreign land. Always been that way.

And, by the way, I rarely see anything critical of soldiers in any fashion. The Nation piece I referred you to was first person testimony. Don't like it? Not their fault.