Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rational Self Interest

The campaign season is in full swing, and the Presidential contenders are all trying to buy my and your votes. Hillary is planning $170 billion plus another $70 billion for her stimulus package, and Obama is no slouch either by promising over $180 billion in spending. And the Republicans (except Thompson) are trying their best to match their generosity with our money. Romney wants to get Michigan back into the lead in automobile production. All the while ignoring that its not the lack of interest or ability to make automobiles in this country, but the problem is in Michigan itself. Not to mention Huckabee's national no smoking policy, the New Nanny State will be arriving with the Beaujolais Nouveau next January.
So, how are we going to pay for this largess? One solution touted by the Democrats is the repeal of the Bush tax cuts. Except that is already programmed in. Not to mention that the withdrawal of those cuts means that the economy is going to tank in 2010, the additional taxes are going to drive the economy further into a hole.
Thus the question: What should a rational, self interested voter do? I am beginning to think that the rational self interested person should just quit their jobs and live off of public support. Think about it, no more striving to better yourself, no seeking greater responsibility, it will be great. There is obviously nothing wrong with mediocrity, after all the government seems to be encouraging it.
So what if we have to give up our own personal choices or liberties. We can trust the government to take care of us right? We can then sit at home and watch TV, thereby getting rid of all of that stress to succeed. With a new motto replacing "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" our future presidents seem to be saying "From the rich to the rest of us." So why on earth would anyone want to be more than lower middle class?
It seems clear to me that the answer is to just give up. Let everyone else provide for your needs. They will be richer than us so it has to be alright.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea, Steve, except you will have to hang out with creatures like Jay Stevens and Rob Kailey for the rest of your life.

Steve said...

Okay, it has it's flaws.

GeeGuy said...

But doesn't "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" already mean "From the rich to the rest of us?"

money said...

James said,
What is considered rational anymore. I see this society courting a posture of liars,whores and thieves. Self interest is one thing, but the way business is handled in this country, especially, among the larges and richest corporations, and the Government intrusion and trampling of our civil liberties, lends toward hypocrisy. Let any of us try and promote our self interest, we are scrutinized, vilified, and lamb basted. If they seek rational self interest you can rest assure the rationale will be to attain that interest by any means necessary even if they have to change the rules, regulations, or the law to satisfy their quest in obtaining self interest at any cost.