Sunday, January 06, 2008

Republican Debate

Since there weren't any good games on TV, I ended up watching the Republican debate, and I must say that I was impressed with the format that Fox News came up with. No audience, the candidates being able to interact with each other, it was certainly more interesting than anything else I have seen. Good job Chris Wallace!
One of the things that would have made it better though, is if Chris would have jumped in at times and asked the questions that the other candidates wouldn't. For instance, for McCain, if you are going to get Osama bin Laden, why do you think that you would do better than what is presently being done? Are you saying that there is a deliberate indifference, or is this just a catchy idea that you came up with?
For Huckabee, your evasiveness on raising taxes is annoying. Either answer the darned question, or say that you refuse to on the grounds that you know the answer will kill you politically.
Giuliani: You talk fast, but do you really say anything intelligent? You say that you are the only one that has to deal with the results of an Islamofascism attack. True, but wasn't the 9-11 attacks the second such attack on the World Trade Center? What did you do to prevent the second after the first?
Romney: Do you really want to rely on the fact that your being a governor is a good basis for dealing with foreign policy? Do you remember Jimmy Carter?
Thompson: You have obviously written off New Hampshire, why aren't you in South Carolina then?

Sorry, just a little bit cranky, but I still like Thompson the best of all of them. And anybody other than Huckabee more than Hillary.

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