Monday, January 21, 2008

Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh

I think that I know where Mark Tokarski gets his fabulist notions about the supposed suppression of voters. The funny thing is, that it isn't mentioned at all when the Democrats do it to each other. One of the best lines is at the end:
Either voter suppression is real, threatens democracy, and ought to be investigated at every turn, or it is just a made up issue that progressives whine about whenever it suits them politically. At least now we know what TPM really believes.


Anonymous said...

When you cannot remember when Election Day is or figure out where the polling place is or think that the polls are open the same hours as the liquor store, that is called voter suppression.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused by this post. It so happens at this time that voter fraud is being carried out against Demcorats by Republicans. But the underlying issue is not partisan. So join us if you would in our campaign to 1) make paper ballots the official record of all elections; 2) use random auditing of elections as an audit check; 3) use of open-source software to run the optical scanners that count the votes, and 3) exit polling used as an audit check.

None of that is partisan. Imagine that when voters in South Carolina, for example, go to vote, the vote is tallied by a touch-screen machine, there is no paper record, there is no way to know if the machine correctly counted the vote, there is no auditing done afterward, and when exit polls indicate that the votes were not correctly counted (a ten point red shift in 2004), we merely say the exit polls are faulty. How reasonable is any of that?

C'mon - make sense. You can do it. I know you can. I've seen it once or twice.