Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Small Victory for Justice

You may remember Dave's Biggest Asshole of the Year Award, the lawyer who keyed a Marine's car because it had Marine license plates. The lawyer, a self described "Radical Liberal" got lucky, and through a plea bargain, knocked it down from a felony to a misdemeanor.
The sentence would have been appropriate except for one thing: He's a lawyer for Pete's sake. He is supposed to uphold the law, not ignore it. Now there may be differing interpretations of the law, but I see no way to construe his act of vandalism as anything but childish, petty and self absorbed. Because he is given certain authority over others, i.e. the right to subpoena, to depose under oath, he has a greater responsibility than normal people.
Atticus Finch would not be proud.


Anonymous said...

Eh-hem. Lawyers have no more “authority over others” than any other citizens. Joe Blow can depose or subpoena anyone he pleases. Likewise, he can ignore your request for a deposition or wipe his behind with your subpoena. All you can do is move the court to enforce your legal process, same as any other litigant.

Steve said...

Okay, it can be done, but lawyers know how to do it better, and can use it in abusive ways.
Still my point, that he should have had more class. But maybe, he has all he is ever going to possess.