Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nevada Developments

This is interesting. Seems as though the judge has thrown out the lawsuit brought by Hilary supporters to keep down the participation of Obama supporters.
Throw in denying Michigan and Florida any reps, and it makes you wonder.
Is it rank hypocrisy trying to deny a vote that doesn't go their way, ala military absentee ballots in Florida 2000, or simply inept heavy handed approach to control votes?


Anonymous said...

Interesting you focus on military absentee ballots in Florida and ignore everything else that went on down there, including Gore winning. Are you a tunnel visionary?

Steve said...

Mark - Are you a wishful paranoid? Someone who wants to believe that some actors are evil, in order to explain their world view?
All the recounts showed that Bush won. The idea that votes were suppressed has been so resoundingly refuted that it's only the dead-enders who still believe that Gore won.
The problem with Florida was always who determined what a vote meant. If some lifelong Democrat voted straight ticket Democrat but couldn't bring themselves to vote for Gore, their vote was counted for Gore anyway.
Sorry, the only vote suppression was that of absentee military voters. Gore lost fair and square.

money said...

The issue goes deeper than that. I believe it is a matter of methodical and deliberate psychological conditioning going on. If one is familiar with the trilateral commission documents and the one world order mantra it should be clearly visible that these efforts by the government are in full swing. The purpose is control. I fashion it as economic communism, the separation of economic classes, and the control of our citizens, while instilling fear, and economic hardship, will allow control with limited military intervention. It is not that people are not willing to try and achieve personal excellence, and better themselves, or be innovative for the whole of society, and personal wealth and achievement, they are systematically forced to be more dependent on the Government by their design. Also, by the laws which are in place and that are about to be put in place, your privacy, and civil liberties will be non existent soon. We could experience marshal law and be jailed for 6 mo for jay walking, another measure of control. So we may not have a choice but to live with it.