Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Coming Federal Health Care

Democrats are getting ready to do battle for universal health insurance, having learned valuable lessons from the failure of Bill Clinton's sweeping effort.
Before they spend the $634 Billion on supplementing and being a test run for future efforts at taking over one eighth of the economy, I wish they could get Medicare right first. Bleeding money, losing doctors, and growing in regulatory oppression, yeah, government run health care works so well.
Obama just wants the opportunity to make everyone's life just as miserable as those already on government health care. Shouldn't be hard to accomplish.


Anonymous said...

Medicare recipients might disagree with you, but what do they know! They were so damned well off before that program. The gubbmint screwed up their lives.

By the way, since Medicare exclusively uses the private sector to provide care, why should it be exempt from all of the problems it is experiencing? the VA model is better, but we are stuck with for-profit health care, and all of the attached misery.

If you have no solution to the problem of the uninsured, step aside. Serious people at work here. Go run with the pups.

Coffee House Conservative said...

Want more possible solutions? Check out Forward Montana, they're full of 'em.

@Mark T: So, because I can't offer a solution, I can't disagree with you?
Yay! Bad solutions are definitely the answer.

Steve said...

Mark -Once again you show your ignorance - Oops, your usual level of commentary. You completely ignore the original post and then make up your own agenda.
Sorry, too busy working to spend all of the time to correct you.
A Sysiphean task at a minimum.

Anonymous said...

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