Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone in D.C. has Principles?

Judd Gregg has withdrawn from being nominated for Commerce. His statement can be found here.
It was classy and well written. Well done Senator.

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Anonymous said...

Naivete, thy name be Steve.

1) Why did Gregg accept the appointment?
a) Obama's beliefs harmonize with his own; Obama is a closet Republican.
b) Republicans thought that they could influence administration policy by having gone of their own in that department.
c) his beliefs harmonize with Obama's - Gregg is a closet Democrat.

Why did Gregg withdraw?
a) In the negotiations, one or the other party did not get what they wanted.
b) Gregg is batshit crazy, indecisive, and impulsive.
c) Gregg realized that his replacement in the Senate would be decisive on important votes, and did not want to give that ground to the other party,

Anyway, he did not withdraw his name for the stated reason. In politics, nothing is ever stated openly and honestly. Something else happened.

At least he didn't say he watned to spendmoretimewithhisfamily.