Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What is it with these people?

Just two weeks into Obama's Presidency, and the explosion of ethical violations just won't stop coming. Okay, this one is just another by Charlie Rangel, the head of the powerful Ways and Means Committee in the house.
You remember Charlie, don't you? He is the guy who writes the tax code, and he forgot to report the income from his Dominican Republican properties. Oh, and his use of four rent controlled properties in New York City. Oh, and the fact that he never paid taxes on his use of the Capital garage for four years to store his Mercedes. Oh, and I forgot, the claim of a homestead exemption in Washington D.C. when his residence is in New York. Now we learn that he has failed to report his royalties from his book.
I sure bet that he is glad that he isn't a Republican. He would have been run out of town years ago.

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