Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Liberals and Numbers

From Nancy Pelosi's 500 Million Americans are losing their job every month (just a hint, but there are only just over 306 million Americans) to Mark T's famous assertions about the tens of millions that we have killed in Iraq, to the almost a trillion dollar bailout/generational-enslavement act, liberals seem to love numbers. Which is probably why they do so poorly in math.
Mark T has often accused me of parroting party lines. I am not sure why he does that, except it seems to be an alternate to his tactic of ignoring what a post says, so that he can rail about whatever he darned well feels like, even though it has nothing to do with the original post. But his favorite point is that the Lancet published a study showing how many Iraqis have died since the liberation in 2003.
Just one thing - the study that the Lancet article refers to, seems to have some very serious ethical questions about its conduct. What's that you say, science used for political purposes? Say it isn't so. Sorry, from manipulated data that is kept hidden from other peer review, to manipulation of reporting station data in the great global warming debate, the truth is never as good as they want to portray it for their own ends.
But I am not confident that they will have any shame that will stop them from carrying on with bogus information so long as it suits their purpose. So, if a liberal Leftist starts spouting numbers, just assume that they are making it up,


Anonymous said...

They must not like "reading comprehension" or "logic" courses either.

Steve said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic. For a group of people who’ve placed all their faith in science, they sure have no grasp of it, and they’ve probably done more to corrupt it than anyone else, Global Warming being the latest boondoggle-blunder.