Sunday, February 01, 2009

Unpatriotic Democrats

Remember when then Senator Joe Biden said that "paying taxes is patriotic? I first raised the issue when Chairman of the Ways and Means committee, which writes the tax code was caught up in his own mess for not paying taxes. Since then, the current Treasury Secretary has been found to have not paid taxes as well. Sure, he was confirmed because so many people said he was so smart that only he could save the economy. What, they couldn't find a smart person who does pay taxes?
Now, we have former Senate Majority Leader and former senator of South Dakota, doesn't bother to pay taxes on income that he knew he should have. It seems obvious that Senator Daschle is not a real American.
I just wonder how many other well to do Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief that they haven't been asked to assist the Obama administration. It could be expensive.


The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Being self employed,there are times when I want to be "Unpatriotic" but I feel guilty if I get those nasty mailings from the IRS, they're harder for me to ignore than they are for Senator Daschle apparently.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the quickest way to help save the economy is to not pay taxes. These guys may actually be pretty smart.