Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Sorry

I want to apologize to my children, my grandchildren, and to my great grandchildren who haven't even been born. We have just saddled you with over $300,000 each in debt, and we did it in just one day. Oh, and don't forget the interest. And for what?
To get a tax break that amounts to $13 a week? Funding for all sorts of strange stuff that we don't even know what it is, because no one has had the chance to read what was just passed? It's called a "stimulus bill" but that's just marketing to fool the people. There is very little stimulus, but a whole bunch of problems that are being pushed through under "emergency" conditions because they never would have made it on their own.
And to top it all off, because of the deficit and its impact on the debt, we will not be able to have universal health care. Add in the coming tsunami from Medicare and Medicaid, and in a few more years after that, Social Security going broke, and I am really sorry. My parents generation may have had their problems, but my generation has traded temporary gain for your long term debt.

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