Sunday, September 05, 2010

It's all Bush's Fault

Has been the standard mantra from Democrats since 2004.  It actually helped them when they took over the House and Senate in 2006 (then it was rejection of Bush to change governments, and now if you want to do the same it's all fear and anger).  In fact, Obama has made it the centerpiece of his plan to deal with the economy, energy, finance, hangnails, bad thoughts, and whatever else is out there.
And it had to happen.  There is now a new version of how to explain the inexplicable, especially in the political world.  "I think that they addressed this issue in the new healthcare bill."  This answer was given to explain the disappearance of the five and a half minutes that were lost during yesterday's game due to a lightning delay.
Maxine Walters, Charlie Rangel?  They were allowed to do it by the new healthcare bill.  Unemployment not coming down?  New healthcare bill.  Obama losing independents?
Definitely in the new healthcare bill.

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