Thursday, September 02, 2010

AGW Revisited

Travis had posted on Global Warming a little while ago and it turned into the usual supporters of the liars, versus those who support the other liars argument.  I have a problem with the methodology and this whole issue of "consensus" as promoted by the charlatan Al Gore. But now there is a group of scientists who are organizing the complaints against the IPCC  The lead sentence says it all:
"If this keeps up, no one's going to trust any scientists."
 And if that happens, we are all in trouble.  For if science becomes nothing more than
" . . . a tight clique of like-minded scientists and bureaucrats who give each other jobs, publish each other's papers -- and conspire to shut out any point of view that threatens to derail their gravy train."
why believe anyone?
Addressing the Himalayan glacier disappearance, shows that the IPCC's claim of "peer reviewed" data is a total sham.  Normally, such an assault on someone's credibility would be grounds to discount anything that they ever said.  But because it is about Anthropogenic Global Warming, we have to believe it even if it's not true.

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