Monday, September 06, 2010

Will You Please Knock It Off

Seems a Florida pastor is threatening to burn the Koran in a public place.  This has inspired riots in Afghanistan, and could very well imperil our soldiers.  The fact that the pastor wants to do this is Constitutional doesn't make it right.
I do not understand why they want to antagonize the "Religion of Peace" more than they are already doing.


Kevin K. said...

In Afghanistan they burn Christians. What’s the big deal about a book?

Rocky Smith said...

It would be legal to burn a Koran in public and just as legal to build a mosque at ground zero. I find neither one reasonable.

Steve said...

I agree Rocky. Both the Koran burning and the mosque are to deliberately antagonize the other side so that they can now claim victim status.

Anonymous said...

1. Our troops will be in danger? Um, what are we over there for, a picnic? I hope the ragheads attack everywhere, so our guys can mow ‘em down.

2. The lefties at the State Dept. say “these actions themselves are un-American.” The so-called Justice Dept. says the “planned burning is both idiotic and dangerous.” That’s what your government thinks of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Bet they wouldn’t say that about burning a pile of American Flags.

3. The appeasers and diversophiles are wetting their pants. I think it’s funny as hell.

Steve said...

Not arguing the merits, just looking out for the soldiers who are going to pay the price.