Saturday, September 04, 2010

Talk, Talk, Talk

President Obama gave his usual Saturday radio/Youtube speech, in which he promised to keep fighting for the middle class of this country.  What he doesn't seem to realize, is that the middle class is hoping that he will become a pacifist, since we can't seem to support all of the wars he has entered on our behalf.
But this brings to mind something I had read before, in that the Democrats are much better at communicating than they are at doing.  They managed brilliantly to portray the Republicans as corrupt in 2004 and 2006.  Of course at least two of those targets, Tom Delay and our own Conrad Burns, were exonerated, but that doesn't matter since the object is not the truth, but to run the Republicans out of office.  But the truth will not set them free, in fact, it is a mere obstacle to their eventual goal of being able to tell everyone how to live their lives.  They even admit their collusion with message shapers to present an image of the Republicans that they know isn't true.
I am becoming more and more sure that the general public is also aware that the Democrats talk a good game but they sure don't deliver.  Even the Left is disappointed in what the Democrats have managed to accomplish.  You sort of wonder what would have happened if the Republicans held filibuster proof majorities in the Senate and the House.
But the rest of us are not that happy with everything that the Left has done, except for Finance Regulation, which for some reason still remains popular.  My theory on that is the public doesn't know how their local banks are going to be forced to subsidize the mega banks that actually created the financial crisis.
The joke is always that the Democrats will promise you that if they are elected, you will be taller, better looking, and there won't be any crab grass in your lawn (Hope and Change).  And the Republicans promise that government doesn't work, and if elected prove that fact.
Whatever you think about Republicans and government, I think we all recognize we are better off with the Democrats on the outside of power and complaining, than if they have the power and we are complaining.

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