Friday, April 18, 2008

Deception as a Political Tool.

Carol at Missoulaopolis is taking Jay Stevens to task, and rightfully so it appears. I have to wonder sometimes, does Jay think that I am stupid, or is he being stupid? I realize that it is easy to bite on the line that has been handed to you, especially if it would impact your perceived opponent. But if given the chance to correct a mistake, why wouldn't you?
One reason might be that your assertion is correct. In this instance, that is obviously not the case. Another reason might be that you are unable to admit that you made a mistake. This is indicative of a major mental illness, and if I am elected to the Legislature, I promise to help people like this. Another is, that the lie is more effective than the truth. This is cynicism carried to its ultimate level.
Let's face it, a majority of the American voting public don't really pay attention to the news. They rely on what they hear from a (supposedly) reliable source. The first item in carries more weight than the truth.
Another example is Obama's 100 years of war with McCain. Obama is way too smart to not know that he is misquoting McCain.
So, maybe this is the new version of politics. The trouble is, that the so called "Reality Community" is much better at this version of variable truth than the conservatives are.
Too bad for the country.

UPDATE Here is another example, where Rove is the target. Maybe Jay Stevens actually is a journalist. Personally, I would want to punch anybody out that used that slur.

Update #2.
More actual deception from his messianic holiness Barak:

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Not much there. And you can’t flip-flop your way out of that one.

Gimme break. Denny and his family have great healthcare. And we all know what the man who subdivided his grandparent's values above all.