Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Political Manipulations Pt. 2.

I had mentioned earlier, that politicians are lying to us, and for some reason we keep letting them get away with it. I had a good idea of how they were able to continue to manipulate us when the chronically reading comprehension impaired seemed to say that I was going to be just like them. Now, where he could have gotten that idea is beyond me, but it is consistent with his inability to grasp basic concepts that are other than his political bedrock. And I am sure that he is not alone in his quest to ignore facts that contradict his notions. Nonetheless, I am going to keep on pointing out how the Democrats are lying and hope that the awareness of the citizenry will cause them to rethink their ability to manipulate us.
Today, we have America's ex-wife Hillary, who is pandering to the crowds in Indiana about how George W. Bush let a plant that was used in the production of certain military critical items be closed and move to China, along with the jobs. Just one problem, the sale was done under Bill Clinton, and the move was pretty well completed by the time Bush came into office.
Here's the complete story.

In 1995, General Motors decided to sell the Indiana-based Magnequench to a Chinese-American consortium. The consortium included:

* San Huan New Materials and Hi-Tech Co, a company owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences;
* Onfem Holdings, a company controlled by the State Nonferrous Metals Industry Administration in the Peoples Republic of China;
* Soros Fund Management, headed by George Soros;
* The Sextant Group, founded by Archibald Cox Jr.;

Soros, of course, is the wealthy investor who has contributed vast sums to Democratic candidates and liberal causes.

He's given more than $250,000 to Democratic campaign committees, tens of thousands to individual Democratic candidates, and about $2.5 million to the liberal group,, according to Federal Election Commission records.

He's also contributed to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign, and to Obama's Senate and presidential campaigns. He contributed to Republican Sen. John McCain's first presidential campaign, in 1999, when he was running against Bush for the Republican nomination.

Because Magnequench made magnets for smart bombs, the sale to a group including foreign owners required approval under a 1988 law.

After a 30-day review, the Clinton administration's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which includes representatives of the Pentagon, approved the sale in 1995.

The buyers reportedly promised to keep manufacturing in the United States.

Yet in 1998, they started building a new plant in China, close to the source of the raw materials used in the magnets.

The company reorganized in 1999, buying out Soros as well as Onfem Holdings.

In 2000, Magnequench bought a magnet factory in Valparaiso, Indiana, the same year it started operations at its China plant.

In 2001, it closed its original plant in Anderson, Indiana.

And in 2003, it decided to close the Valparaiso plant, laying off its 225 workers.

Now, to be fair, Bush did nothing to block the move, but that is a far cry from what Hillary is saying. When confronted by the facts, she maintains
The Clinton campaign said she doesn't mention the role her husband played in the sale because it wasn't relevant.

Yeah, facts aren't relevant.


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