Friday, April 25, 2008

More Political Manipulations

Carol at Missoulaopolis pointed me to this article about three young men who have the courage to actually run for office in the People's Republic of Missoula. You have to give these guys some credit just for standing up and taking the chance.
But the article highlighted some problems that I have with the current state of politics. For example, in the article,
Betsy Hands, the incumbent Democrat for Cox’s district, said that it is interesting the Republican candidates named this as an issue, since it was while the Republicans were in control of the Legislature that all this government growth occurred.
Excuse me? Didn't the Democrats control the Senate and the Governor's office? She seems to be either ignorant or is deliberately distorting facts. (See other evidence below about Nancy Pelosi's Secret Plan.) Hands goes on to say:
“Having education for your child is one of the most important things you can do for their development.”
Great, Ms Hands. But what did you actually do, besides talk a good game? If spending goes up 7% from the State contribution, why is the increase at the classroom level only 1%, or less than inflation?
Apparently, the Office of Public Instruction was able to siphon off approximately half of the increase for their operations. (Buildings, an 11% raise for Linda McCullogh, more bureaucrats, etc.) And believe it or not, it's perfectly legal. Sure, you thought that the Legislature appropriates the money and directs how it is to be spent. Except for the OPI. The Leg is specifically prohibited from directing how the money is to be allocated.
You want more for the teachers? Close the Office of Public Instruction. You want more useless regulators, controllers, and other parasites who do nothing to teach children - re-elect Ms. Hands.

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