Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Problems with Education in Montana

Michael Nicosia, who is a Superintendent of Whitefish Schools and vice chair of the Montana Quality Education Coalition, has penned a guest editorial in the Missoulian today. He is attempting to explain why a 7% increase in state wide funding did not result in a 7% overall increase in money to the schools. He doesn't mention that approximately 51% of all the State money goes to administrative overhead. Having been in business for 8 years, I know that overhead is the thing that kills you when it comes to making any money. Surely the same must apply to teaching our chillins, doesn't it? How many senior policy analysts at the OPI would we have to let go to raise teacher pay by 10%. No matter how you answer that question, the answer is going to be pretty scary.
While the Montana Quality Education Coalition is suing the State, I think that they should be worried about being sued for malpractice themselves.

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GeeGuy said...

Right or wrong, the perception of schools is that they are top heavy. That perception, coupled with the reality of suing the hand that feeds them, is a non-starter for levy elections.