Monday, April 28, 2008

Striking a Blow for Democracy

The Supreme Court has upheld the Indiana Voter ID act. In a 6-3 decision, written by Justice John Paul Stevens, one of the courts more reliably liberal justices, the court found that the problems with voter fraud were enough of a legitimate concern that Indiana could require its citizens to show proof of who they were.
Democrats, and those who would like to vote under several different names, were of course outraged. Saying that it would disenfranchise the poor and the elderly and those who don't actually live there anymore, this could rob the Democratic Party of some of their most loyal voters - cemetery residents.


Anonymous said...

Democrats have always had a problem trying to prove who they are.

Andy B. Hammond said...

This is going to be a problem for Obama in the upcoming Indiana primary on May 6.

Go Hillary!!!

Anonymous said...

Truly funny post. Yep, the walk in, register and vote without ID should be in trouble; and tightening up the requirements disenfranchises no one but the irresponsible. And why would we want an irresponsble voter?

Anonymous said...

"Go Hillary!!!

Go Reverend Wright!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean, "go away"?