Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Soooey, Pig, Soooey

The LA Times has an article about pork spending. You remember pork. That was one of the things that caused Republicans to sit on their hands during the 2006 elections. You might also remember how the Democratic leadership was going to make all pork spending transparent.
Well they did. Make it transparent that is. They have done nothing to reduce it. Seems as though the good citizens represented by the junior Senator from New York are being bought off at the tune of almost $300 million. This year. So far.
Barak Obama on the other hand has only 53 earmarks for nearly $100 million. Boy, that fiscal responsibility thing seems to be catching. Good thing all those politicians learned from the last election.
Oh, and John McCain, no earmarks.

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Anonymous said...

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Second Point: The Roman Emperor and his court and legions, and the Roman Senators and their clients and relatives, take the first cut of the tribute. They then distribute a large portion to their allies elsewhere beyond the empire. What is left of the tribute is returned to the provincial bureaucrats who are faithful to Rome, with certain conditions attached as to how the tribute can be used.

Third Point: The provincial bureaucrats and their clients take their cut of the returned tribute and then distribute the rest among the provincial population in a manner designed to cement their allegiance, i.e., in a manner designed to reward supporters and punish detractors.

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