Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ethics and Politics

This article from National Review is rather revealing. Apparently, after 5 failed attempts with other grand juries, the persecutor, I mean prosecutor has finally gotten his ham sandwich. Looking at just the indictment, there is not a case there for conspiracy. So, why proceed? Because he knows that most people cannot sort out the difference between indictment and conviction.
Although much has been made of his bi-partisan indictments by including Democrats, that may not be as helpful as it is made out. Apparrently, the only Democrats that he has persued are his own political enemies.
If this was just about good government, which it is not, why not also indict the Democratic Party of Texas for engaging in exactly the same behavior? The really curious thing to me, is that this persecutor has shaken down thte supposed corporate groups who gave money and forced them to give money to his pet project in Stanford, which is run by a close friend.
If Democrats were really serious about good government, they would be all over Cong. William Jefferson of Louisiana, and even Nancy Pelosi herself, for the actions of her suboridinates. I know her defense (and it is a credible one) is that she never knew. Heck, she doesn't know much period.
No, this just reinforces that this is nothing more than politics as usual. I just know how all of the Democrats who are gloating right now will be rushing to the microphones to say that they believed in the presumption of innocence when the case against Delay is dismissed. Yeah, right.

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