Thursday, September 08, 2005

How to fix disaster response

Good article about what we need to do to correct the next disaster. All of his ideas are easily doable, but will probably not be done. Why? Because the entrenched petty power trips of the bureaucracies are not going to allow anyone to usurp their authority.
I have long thought that the Army needs a division sized equivalent of Military Police and Civil Affairs experts that could be emplpoyed either in Iraq or, here at home in the event of a Katrina sized disaster. The other thing that needs to be done, is allow the President to order federal efforts before the States have requested help.
Perhaps I am biased, but I really do believe that the professionalism of the modern military can provide immediate assistance better than any other organization, while at the same time maintaining self discipline to recognize that they are servants to the Constitution, and not the guys with the most guns.
Unfortunately, the Democrats seem to be using this as an exercise to get Bush, and the Republicans will go into a bunker mentality that will prevent any meaningful changes. My advice: Don't live anywhere near a place that is going to need immediate federal help in the future.

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