Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A letter to Denny

There has arisen a large number of people who are looking to Congress to recommend cuts in programs in order to finance the reconstruction of the Katrina damaged areas and the War on Terrorism. I sent the following to Denny Rehberg:
Dear Congressman Rehberg. I am writing to ask that you support the rollback of expenditures that are not immediately necessary, in order to provide the funds for the reconstruction of the Gulf States, and to further support the War on Terror.
I realize that it is going to be hard, but there are other congressmen out there who are willing to pony up some projects. Your future opponent has volunteered the parking garage in Bozeman, and should you decide not to support cutting these programs, I will begin to serioulsly consider her candidacy.
We need to put a stop to rain forest museums in Iowa, and bridges in Alaska that will save commuters $6 until such time as we can afford it. I encourage you to take the lead in devising a list of priorities that would list what we must spend in accordance with the law, what we want to spend to support the highest national priorities, and what we do not need now, but could be supported later.
Fiscal responsibility has always been one of the watchwords for the Republican Party. I would hope that you would take the lead in reasserting this watchword, and restore fiscal sanity to our budget until such time as we can right our finances and reduce our debt.
I appreciate your taking the time to consider my opinion, and look forward to your response of what you would recommend for cuts.


I hope that I hear back from him. More of the same will be sent to Max and Conrad. We all need to start demanding that our elected representatives start to set priorities and limits. Right now, everything is a priority, and there are no limits.

Update One day later, and no response. Maybe more of us need to be saying the same thing. Something that I noticed about our Congressional delegation is that Max's office is the worst for getting help or even a response, and Conrad's is the best. Denny seems to be waiting to see which way the wind blows.

Update again. I guess that this will teach me for refusing to give money to politicians. Denny has completely blown me off. Zip. Zilch, Nada. No response, not even a I really care, but not really answer.

I am looking for a tough as nails candidate now to give money to who will work to remove all unncessary expenditures until we get this fiscal mess under control. Any suggestions?


XB234C said...

Postponing the gargantuan prescription drug bill would be a good place to start. What about freezing spending at current levels?

XB234C said...

By the way, thanks for the visit. I shall return the favor and place you on my list.